SSL VPN Secure Remote Access

In partnership with SonicWALL, EBR offers VPN solutions tailored to the size of your business. Today, your office is where you are: at home, at the airport, at a café. The modern mobile workforce demands secure access to more resources from more remote devices and platforms than ever before. The SonicWALL® Secure Remote Access (SRA) Series offers SSL VPN access to mission-critical resources from virtually any endpoint—including desktops, laptops, PDAs and smartphones. SonicWALL provides a wide range of scalable remote access solutions that fit organizations of every size, from small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to the largest global enterprise.

SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRA. Secure remote access for the enterprise.
SonicWALL Aventail® E-Class Secure Remote Access (SRA) Series solutions deliver a complete remote access control solution, without escalating infrastructure costs or complexity. Employees and extranet business partners benefit from secure, clientless access to the resources they need from virtually any device, anywhere, with the unmatched security of SSL VPN.


Award-winning enterprise-scale SSL VPN.
Recognized by top analysts as an industry leader, the award-winning SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRA Series provides a complete SSL VPN solution for the enterprise. SonicWALL Aventail was named in the Visionaries Quadrant in the 2010 SSL VPN Magic Quadrant Report from Gartner, Inc., considered the leading analyst firm covering the SSL VPN industry.


Flexible access options for any endpoint.
With Aventail WorkPlace, users receive out-of-the-box clientless browser access to Web and client/server applications and file shares from virtually any browser on an unmanaged device—including common browsers found on Windows, Macintosh and Linux devices. Administrators enjoy greater control over portal access, content and design with the SonicWALL WorkPlace Portal. In addition, SonicWALL Aventail Connect™ Tunnel provides the complete “in-office” experience for users, by adding a Web-delivered thin client on a broad range of platforms.


Increased productivity.
SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRA works in more places, including home PCs, kiosks, PDAs and unmanaged devices over wired and wireless networks. SonicWALL Aventail SRA makes your users more productive by providing easy access to more applications from more environments—including Windows, Linux, Macintosh and mobile devices—than any other secure access solution.


Easy to use from any endpoint.
The SonicWALL Aventail SSL VPN provides a single gateway for all access and a common user experience across all platforms—including Windows, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Android and Linux—from managed or unmanaged devices.


Faster ROI. Lower TCO.
SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRA Series lowers IT costs by enabling network managers to easily deploy and manage a single secure access gateway that extends remote access via SSL VPN for both internal and external users to all network resources—including Web-based, client/server, host-based and back-connect applications like VoIP.

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