SMART Bridgit Conferencing Software

Create engaging, collaborative work sessions with local or remote colleagues by sharing screens and interacting with each other’s documents – regardless of location. SMART Bridgit™ conferencing software is a cost-effective solution that lets you connect SMART Board interactive whiteboards or displays to each other or to remote computers, whether they’re in the same room or around the world.

Conference like you're in the same room

With SMART Bridgit software, you can collaborate effortlessly with local and remote meeting participants. Use the software with your SMART Board interactive whiteboard to launch applications, write notes and access multimedia files while both local and remote participants see what is happening on your screen. The software enables anyone to contribute to the meeting by sharing their desktop to display their own notes or presentations – and multiple local and remote participants can simultaneously write notes in digital ink and use instant text messaging to ask questions or carry out additional discussions.

Create instant connections with ease

Make meetings and training sessions interactive and collaborative for every participant. With SMART Bridgit software, you can quickly create a conference in a few simple steps. Simply invite your participants and launch a session for them to join. When participants accept your invitation, they can join the meeting without installing any special software.

Meet in real time and reduce travel costs

Because conferences with SMART Bridgit software happen in real time, your teams can write and share digital notes, review and edit documents, and interact directly with other participants in the meeting. A multifunctional data, voice and video collaboration solution, SMART Bridgit software enables your teams to share vital information and quickly save notes to review later. And team members no longer have to travel to attend important meetings or training sessions.

Rely on a secure and streamlined application

Protect your confidential information. SMART Bridgit software features a multilayer password protector and encrypted media path – yet it connects meeting rooms, local teams and remote participants with extraordinary simplicity.


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