Riverbed® products and solutions

Informatique EBR offers a complete range of products and solutions Riverbed to increase the speed and reliability of your applications:

  • WAN Optimization (Steelhead) :

     WAN Optimization

    The Riverbed® Steelhead® family of products optimize the performance of applications across hybrid networks – made up of private, public and Internet-based networks - to connect people, applications and data to accelerate business performance.


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    Performance Management

    Today’s IT ops teams need an end-user and app-first viewpoint in the way they monitor, troubleshoot and analyze their network performance. Riverbed Network Performance Management solutions provide end-to-end visibility and analytics to deliver actionable information to resolve performance problem rapidly and proactively.

    Application Delivery (Stingray)  


    Stingray™ products accelerate, control, and secure web applications by routing, inspecting, and prioritizing application traffic. With Stingray, enterprises can transform application performance, both in the data center and the cloud.

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Brocade networking products and solutions

Brocade networking solutions provide industry-leading capabilities for storage, Ethernet, and converged networking environments.

Brocade Professional Services are designed to help organizations scale more effectively, improve performance and resiliency, and optimize applications throughout and beyond the enterprise. As the leading provider of networking solutions, Brocade works to meet the full spectrum of IT requirements today and tomorrow by offering world-class services and support offerings.

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SonicWall Wireless & security


Utilizing continuously updated services, SonicWALL® makes your wireless LAN as safe as your wired network. With firewall, Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection™ and VPN technology, you can implement multiple zones of access for both wired and wireless users, while maintaining total control over who is accessing what on your network. SonicWALL wireless appliances deliver the same gateway content protection as wired solutions, with integrated Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention and Application Intelligence and Control.

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Aruba wireless

 Mobile users and devices are on track to outnumber desktops, and enterprise networks are moving rapidly from wired to wireless as the primary way to connect.

Users expect secure, reliable, and consistent access to network services, regardless of their location or their mobile device. At the same time, the IT organizations that are responsible for the network infrastructure are under continued pressure to do more with less.

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Motorola wireless netwoks


Motorola's RF experience and innovation drive successful enterprise and government wireless networks all over the world. Our wireless network products are purpose-built for performance, reliability and interconnectivity indoors and out.

Motorola's wireless networks and networking products are built to help your business achieve high speed connectivity in a mobile world. Our wireless network products can meet your unique needs both in and outside of the office.

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LifeSize products

We are business partner with the pioneer of high definition video communications LifeSize® .  we understand how companies connect. We’ve learned that interaction is the lifeblood of all businesses.  But for any large enterprise with teams, clients and products in multiple locations, it’s impossible to be everywhere you need to be.

IBM Products

EBR is business partner of IBM, one of the largest technology, services and consulting organizations in Canada. We help clients of all sizes and in all industries transform their operations through the use of technology, infusing intelligence into the systems that run our businesses, our society and the world.

SMART products

SMART products make collaboration a visual and interactive experience. With our interactive whiteboards, interactive displays and software, you can open files, applications, websites and multimedia and interact with them on a large touch-enabled surface. You can write notes in digital ink, save them into your files and share them instantly via e-mail. All participants can see and contribute to your work in real time, regardless of location.