EBR Profil


We are among the leading suppliers of IT solutions in east Canada. We hold:

  • A head office in Quebec city
  • Five regional offices: Gatineau, Chicoutimi, Alma and Laval
  • 600 organizations which rely on us across Canada

Our strengths:

Solutions for data storage

  • Consolidation
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud storage

Interactive products as well as visual collaboration products and solutions

  • Interactive whiteboard system from SMART Technologies
  • Videoconferencing from LifeSize
  • Microsoft Link

SMART training
The consolidation and virtualization of servers and workstations based on VWware
New generation wireless networks
Ready-to-use products and service

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LifeSize products

We are business partner with the pioneer of high definition video communications LifeSize® .  we understand how companies connect. We’ve learned that interaction is the lifeblood of all businesses.  But for any large enterprise with teams, clients and products in multiple locations, it’s impossible to be everywhere you need to be.

IBM Products

EBR is business partner of IBM, one of the largest technology, services and consulting organizations in Canada. We help clients of all sizes and in all industries transform their operations through the use of technology, infusing intelligence into the systems that run our businesses, our society and the world.

SMART products

SMART products make collaboration a visual and interactive experience. With our interactive whiteboards, interactive displays and software, you can open files, applications, websites and multimedia and interact with them on a large touch-enabled surface. You can write notes in digital ink, save them into your files and share them instantly via e-mail. All participants can see and contribute to your work in real time, regardless of location.